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[2019/12/20] NYMU Opens a Digital Dental Center that Brings “Made In Taiwan” (MIT) Medical Equipment to the World

NYMU opened the International Center of Digital Dentistry on November 4th


National Yang-Ming University has cooperated with Taiwan’s domestic medical material manufacturers to build a digital dentist teaching demonstration center. This first demonstration center will mainly showcase “Made in Taiwan” (MIT) digital dentistry medical equipment. The center will serve as a base for Taiwan to expand digital dentistry to countries all around the world. It is expected to drive the domestic dental industry chain in an upward direction.


Digital dentistry is an emerging field that has been able to comprehensively improve dental diagnosis and treatment through the use of information technology and 3D printing technology. In areas such as digital dental implants, cosmetic tooth carving, dental laser ablation, etc., not only is the quality of patient medical treatment improved, but digital dentistry also creates new business opportunities in the area of dental medicine. Taiwan not only has clinical strength in terms of digital dental practitioners, but the country also is home to a number of digital dental manufacturers. The National Yang-Ming University International Digital Dentistry Demonstration Center was established in collaboration with domestic manufacturers with the aim of introducing digital dentistry related software, equipment, instruments and various medical materials. By showcasing the MIT digital dentist industry, the center also serves as a platform for dental medical communication and international cooperation.


Dean Hsu of National Yang Ming University Faculty of Dentistry hopes that with the establishment of the Digital Dental Teaching Demonstration Center, it will be possible to promote Taiwan’s digital dentistry technology, improve the clinical experiences of Taiwan's dentists and help the various industries related to dental practice and create a new digital era.


Medical materials such as dental implant solutions, 3D printing, tooth carving machines and dental laser systems have been stationed at National Yang-Ming University in order to complement and recreate original clinical experience and help academic research in the School of Dentistry. The demonstration center will be used for display purposes in the future. It also forms an additional tool that students and faculty are able to use. Furthermore, the demonstration center will be holding training courses taught by dental experts around the world. These courses will focus on using domestic dental instruments as the main teaching materials, which will help the development of the MIT dental brand’s visibility in the international market.


Dean Hsu of the School of Dentistry remarked, “As part of oral treatment in European and North American countries, digital dentistry is becoming a mature technology. On the other hand, Taiwan’s oral medicine is deemed the best in the Asia-Pacific region. At this point in time, with the establishment of a systematically integrated demonstration center, each manufacturer stationed there is able to maintain their own characteristics and advantages. In addition, each manufacturer is also able to cooperate with a number of different brands, which will help manufacturers develop achieve mutual assistance approaches and thus obtain mutual benefits. In addition to improving product choice diversity, the Center will also provide new options for foreign experts helping them to purchase dental equipment; this is being achieved via tripartite cooperation between industry, government, and academia.



  NYMU Digital Dentist Demonstration Center is being used to introduce domestic related industry software, hardware, and medical equipment and this is done by displaying all of the Taiwanese digital dentistry industrial chain in one place


On the opening day of the Demonstration Center, many experts from Asia-Pacific and Southeast Asia, including Australia, Vietnam and other countries, came to Taiwan to learn about Taiwan’s software and hardware systems. Dean Hsu expresses a wish to promote MIT digital dentist technology, the country's dental clinical experience and related digital dentist industries to Asia-Pacific countries. In addition to helping Taiwanese companies gain a much larger international profile by promoting Taiwan's MIT digital dentistry medicine to the world, it will also establish Taiwan as the pioneer in digital dentistry.


Opening ceremony group photo