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[2019/12/02] NYMU and NCTU have Together Held the “2019 Cross-Strait Advanced Interdisciplinary Biomedical Conference”

NYMU and NCTU have together for the first time held the ”2019 Cross-Strait Advanced Interdisciplinary Biomedical Conference”


National Yang-Ming University and National Chiao Tung University have held the “2019 Cross-Strait Advanced Interdisciplinary Biomedical Conference” together for the first time after their merger agreement. Focusing on four major topics, these being medical materials, drug delivery, bio-sensing and bio-image analysis and smart medicine, the conference invited experts from industry and scholars across the straits to share their research experience and promote academic exchanges. Between October 23rd and October 27th, NYMU and NCTU arranged more than 60 interdisciplinary presentations, as well as industrial and academic forums, all of which was fruitful for the participants.


The “Cross-Straight Advanced Interdisciplinary Biomedical Conference” started in 2017 as the “Cross-Straight Frontier Interdisciplinary Biomedical Academic Conference”, it being held at the Xi’an Jiaotung University in the PRC. It is a platform for scholars from across the straits to discuss research and exchange the latest information, thoughts and techniques. It focuses on biomedical-related fields and the participants' own research results.


Under the guidance of the Ministry of Science and Technology, this year’s conference was held by National Yang-Ming University and National Chiao Tung University, and twenty top schools from both sides of the straits were invited, including National Taiwan University, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, National Cheng Kung University, Xi’an Jiaotung University, Zhejiang University, Nanjing University. The Industrial Technology Research Institute and the National Health Research Institute, as well as more than ten companies also participated.


The conference recruited biomedical scholars from both sides of the Straits for in-depth academic exchanges


The Ministry of Science and Technology Deputy Minister Shieh remarked in his speech that in recent years Information and Communication Technology (ICT) products have become popular in our digital era and that, by 2026, Taiwan will have become an aged society. This is a challenge for both industrial research and academic research because Taiwan's society needs to adjust in order to prevent a possibly disastrous outcome; Taiwan needs to be able to quickly cope with any crises. An equal distribution of medical resources and a reduction in medical wastage will be needed to cater for this fast-evolving society as well as the needs of the whole population. He emphasized that interdisciplinary cooperation has become the trend for the future, and that universities need to break down barriers between departments and more away from the conventional.


During the conference, scholars were able to take part in many multidisciplinary and multi-directional academic exchanges. The topics spanned biotechnology, electrical engineering, pharmacy, chemistry and industry applications. All participants were able to take much away from the conference and this included not just the international academic aspects, but also various new industrial applications.


The participants gathered in front of the Shou-Ren Building for a group photo.