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[2019/12/16] The NYMU International Center for Students and Scholars, School of Medicine is Now Officially Open

The “International Center for Students and Scholars” invited many ambassadors in Taiwan, various VIPs as well as NYMU teachers and students to attend the opening ceremony


In recent years, National Yang-Ming University has been committed to internationalization and the first “International Center for International Students and Scholars“ has been established; it was officially opened on November 25th. This Center will provide a more comfortable and modern learning environment for students who have arrived from all over the world to study at NYMU. At the opening ceremony, the ambassadors from Belize, the Kingdom of Eswatini, Nicaragua, St. Lucia and St. Vincent and the Grenadines were present to witness the completion of the International Center.


The International Center was completed in November and is on the fourth floor of the Second Medical Building. Ruentex Group President Samuel Yin provided a donation that allowed the development of this modern space to international standards. From the design to the construction to the interior decorations, it took more than 10 million dollars to complete the 660 square-meter space. There are fixed seating lounges, mobile seating lounges, discussion rooms, study rooms, classrooms, offices and a space for storage. There is even a prayer room for Muslim students. Thus the Center is able to fully meet the diverse needs of international students. In addition to the help provided by Samuel Yin and Ruentex, some Professors from the Institute of Public Health and all the teachers from the NYMU Institute of Hospital and Health Care Administration also provided physical donations that have helped to make the Center’s equipment more complete.



  The International Center was built to meet the varying needs of students, above to the left is the Muslim prayer room, while to the right is the Center's social space.


There are currently 139 international students attending NYMU and they have come from 30 or so countries, with one third originating from Central America, the Caribbean coast, Africa, and the Pacific Islands as well as some from Europe and North America. Among them, most are taking part in the International Health Program, which is followed in numbers by the Taiwan International Graduate Molecular Medicine Program and the Institute of Pharmacology. The remainders are linked to the Institute of Biophotonics and the English Program of the Institute of Microbiology and Immunology.


Dean Chen of the School of Medicine remarked that internationalization has always been an important education goal of the School of Medicine and this is the reason why the International Center has been established. NYMU welcomes students from all over the world to study here and aims to provide a friendly and diverse academic environment. On behalf of the school, he thanked President Samuel Yin for the generosity of the Ruentex Group and the design team for their devotion. The Taiwan ICDF also provides financial aid for students to come to Taiwan. Finally, support from the NYMU International Office, the International Health Program and all the member of faculty of the Institute of Public Health have helped to make the establishment of the International Center possible.


List of Ambassadors at the opening ceremony



  Guests present at the opening ceremony are received by international students (Left). Most of the international students attend the NYMU International Health Program.