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[2019/11/04] NYMU Sends out the First Batch of Students to Study Abroad at a German University under a Dual Degree Program

Principle Kuo (left) and Research and Development Officer Wu (Right) commends student Sun, who will be studying abroad at a German University.


After ten years of hard work, Taiwan has finally sent out the first batch of students to study abroad at the University of Heidelberg in Germany as part of a dual degree program. The students graduated from National Yang-Ming University Department of Life Sciences. They are currently studying at National Yang-Ming University Institute of Biophotonics. Students Sun and Zhou will begin their medical engineering master’s degree this semester in Germany. These two students have become the only two students from Taiwan who are able to earn a dual degree from both the University of Heidelberg and a university in Taiwan.


The University of Heidelberg is a world-renowned university that has had at least 56 Nobel Prize laureates who have taught there. Both National Yang-Ming University and University of Heidelberg are top universities in the field of medicine. They have exchanged visits many times over the years. After ten years of hard work, the two sides finally reached a consensus on dual degree international talent development. Student Sun and Zhou will be the first batch of international students to study at a German university. These two students began the second year of their master’s degree in Germany from September this year. After graduation, they will be able to obtain a dual master’s degree from both the University of Heidelberg School of Medical Engineering and National Yang-Ming University Institute of Biophotonics.


The first batch of students to study abroad in Germany, Students of the Institute of Biophotonics Sun (Left) and Zhou have begun their education at the University of Heidelberg starting September this year.


Student Sun is very happy to be one of the first student to receive a dual degree from the University of Heidelberg. He said that, normally, after completing a master’s degree in Taiwan and studying abroad, it usually takes four years to obtain a master’s degree from a foreign university. Now this time can be shortened by two years. In addition, you can now earn a degree from both Germany and Taiwan at the same time. Not only will this save a lot of time but also is very helpful in terms of your future career development.


The exchange between National Yang-Ming University and the University of Heidelberg dates back to 2008. The two schools have regularly held medical-related seminars every year and have been negotiating on a dual degree program for a long time. Finally, this year will be the first year that National Yang Ming University has sent a batch of students to Germany to study abroad. It is hoped that in the near future there will be German students studying in Taiwan at National Yang Ming University for their degrees. This year’s bilateral meeting was held at National Yang Ming University. The two sides exchanged extensive ideas on radiation oncology, neuroscience, imaging, optoelectronics and biophysics. Furthermore, Thomas Prinz, Director of the German Association in Taiwan, also attended the meeting.


The 11th Annual National Yang-Ming University-University of Heidelberg bilateral meeting took place at the National Yang-Ming University.


Director Huang of the National Yang-Ming University Office of International Affairs remarked that the bilateral meeting with the University of Heidelberg has now entered its 11th year. These meetings have resulted in a profound exchange of ideas and cooperation over the past ten years. It took a lot of effort to get to today’s dual degree cooperation into operation. It is not only a beginning but also a breakthrough. I believe that in addition to an exchange of students’ projects in the future through the dual degree cooperation, the exchange of research between professors from both schools will also be enhanced, and bring forth a bright new beginning.