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[2019/09/12] The GLORIA Team and NYMU Shines at 2019 BIO International Convention, Philadelphia, USA

Deputy Director General Tu of the Ministry of Science and Technology and Chief Executive Officer Pei of the Global Research & Industry Alliance (GLORIA) witnessed the historical scene when Director Yang of the Center for Systems and Synthetic Biology (the first person on the right) signed a contract with L7 Informatics (the first person on the left).


BIO International Convention 2019, the world’s largest annual biotechnology industrial event, had a great start in Philadelphia on the East Coast of the United States. Under the leadership of Chief Executive officer Pei of the Global Research & Industry Alliance (GLORIA), National Yang-Ming University, Director Ueng-Cheng Yang’s team from the Center for Systems and Synthetic Biology and Prof. Liu’s team from the Department of BioMedical Engineering presented fruitful research and development (R&D) results during the event. Their hard work has paid off as their products have attracted a considerable number of domestic and international firms that have begun discussions with them about collaboration.


Five of National Yang-Ming University’s significant R&D products have shone at this year’s BIO International Convention. Prof. Liu has developed a new radiotherapy platform model for cancer treatment, namely Targeted Sensitization Enhanced Radiotherapy (TSER), which shows improved specificity and lowers the radiation dosage required for radiotherapy. Director Yang has developed a Clinical Informatics &Management System (CIMS) that dramatically improves the quality and efficiency of clinical trials by enhancing the management of clinical trial data. Prof. Yang’s transcranial ultrasound technology can be applied to the treatment of dementia/Alzheimer’s disease. Prof. Chiou has developed a peptide that specifically inhibits the progression of brain tumors. Prof. Yu-Te Wu, Dean of Research and Development, has established an assistive automatic lesion detection, tracking, and precision medicine model for acoustic neuroma.


Among the above products, Director Yang’s Clinical Informatics & Management System was favored by L7 Informatics at last year’s BIO International Convention, Boston, and it was after the Boston event, in Taiwan, that the two parties signed a Memorandum of Understanding. With the assistance of GLORIA and National Yang-Ming University, the two parties’ one-year efforts have finally borne fruit, and at this year’s BIO International Convention, Philadelphia. Chief Executive Officer Vasu Rangadass of L7 Informatics, after specially traveled to Philadelphia, signed the official contract with Director Yang. Everybody is looking forward to follow-up product development after the collaboration.


During the BIO International Convention event, Wu, Minister without Portfolio, led the team representing Taiwan to visit the Pennovation Center, an internationally renowned startup incubator. There they learned on-site how startup accelerators operate overseas. The Taiwan team consisted of the GLORIA team and various Taiwan universities, namely National Yang-Ming University, National Sun Yat-sen University, and National Taiwan Ocean University. They have brought the experiences gained back to Taiwan and this has been shared with the Centers for Academia and Industry Collaboration at each university.


This photograph was taken in front of the vendor and shows the visiting members of the Academia and Industry Collaboration team including individuals from twelve universities and the Ministry of Science and Technology.


In addition to the above conference, GLORIA and National Yang-Ming University recommended that Prof. Liu’s team, which is a promising team among the startup teams mentioned earlier, should attend the Re-defining Early-Stage Investment Conference (RESI Conference). This is a global investment matching meeting that was established to specifically target biotech startup companies. The goal of RESI is to match startup enterprises and global investors in order to raise funds, develop collaborative relationships and identify collaboration opportunities; this is done through communication with a range of global investors.