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[2019/09/17]President Kou Encouraged the New Freshmen to Begin the Year with an Independent, Intelligent, and International Outlook

President Kou encourages freshmen to be independent thinkers and have an international perspective.


National Yang-Ming University held its freshman orientation on September 5th. During the orientation, President Kou gave a speech encouraging students to be independent, intelligent, and have an international outlook. He also expressed hope that each new freshman would be able to complete a 25KM hike through Yangmingshan before their graduation.


This year, National Yang-Ming University welcomed over 1,000 students. President Kou emphasized in his speech the value and importance of independent fundamental thinking. He remarked that attending a University was one of the most important stages shaping an individual’s values. When at University, the biggest taboo is to not think independently and to always just copying the thoughts of others. Thus, President Kou wanted to encourage freshmen to be brave, challenge their teachers and fight against authority when they believed in a different idea. In addition, everybody should develop the habit of reading widely and be motivated to continuously seek new knowledge. These actions would help everyone to develop an international perspective and begin to respect other cultures.


President Kou introduces the people that all students at National Yang-Ming University should know.


During the freshman orientation, President Kou gifted each new freshman with a map outlining a hike across Yangmingshan. He wanted each student to complete this 15 hour hike challenge before their graduation. Taiwan is a mountainous country, and it has around 100 mountains that have a height of over 3,000 meters. This unique natural environment is a rare environment that is envied by many countries. Although Yangmingshan is not one of the 100 tallest mountains, nevertheless it is the nearest national park to a metropolitan area. In addition, it also bears the same name as the University, being located right behind National Yang-Ming University. All of Yang-Ming’s students should understand our geographical environment and learn to respect nature. Only by doing so will one be able to grasp the purpose of life. President Kou encouraged students to spend one day, two nights or even three days to complete the hiking across this mountain challenge.


President Kou also explained to the freshman that while National Yang-Ming University is one of Taiwan’s top universities, no great university stays strong by standing still and by looking inwards. Thus the school not only will continue to internationalize, but will also, after the present school year begins, discuss the plans to merge with National Chiao Tung University. The aim of these negotiations is to provide students with an improved chance of broadening their perspectives and nurturing their cross industry talents.



 The newly appointed Vice President William Stanton (left) and CEO Yang of the Digital Medicine Center gave short speeches in English.


Furthermore, to promote internationalization, this year during freshman orientation, we also welcomed newly appointed Vice-President William Stanton, and the Chief Executive Officer Yang of the Digital Medicine Center. The latter just came back to National Yang-Ming University after teaching at Harvard University. Both of them gave short speeches, one on achieving happiness in our lives and the other on digital medicine: a new era of healthcare. Their aim was to broaden the freshman’s personal life as well as giving them new perspectives on science.


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