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[2019/09/09] A Warm Welcome for the 2019 Freshmen Entering National Yang-Ming University

Vice President Stanton and Director Huang of the OIA together with the International Freshmen at the Welcome Party on September 5th


National Yang-Ming University welcomed 44 international freshmen this year, the largest number ever. AS part of the welcome ceremony for YM freshmen students, entitled “The Great Voyage: setting out,” the international students were also invited for the first time. The International Health Program and the Academia Sinica also held freshmen orientation seminars and welcome parties so that the students will have a smooth learning experience at NYMU.


The incoming International students come from 16 countries, with about half of them from Vietnam, India and Malaysia. Over 80% of them have received scholarships to support their studies and to help them live in Taiwan.


In the ceremony, President Guo encouraged all freshmen to face their challenges and keep pursuing knowledge. The former Director of AIT, newly appointed Vice President Stanton, gave an interesting speech that outlined the concept that happiness and a positive attitude are highly related to having a good education and therefore he encouraged freshmen to find happiness in learning.



  The international students joined all of the other new students at the main welcome ceremony (left), while the Office of International Affairs held a welcome party for international students only (right).


In order to get the international students quickly accustomed to the campus, the Office of International Affairs arranged a campus tour with the help of volunteers. The aim is to solve any problems that they may face while studying in Taiwan at an early stage.


The Office of International Affairs helped organize the two welcome parties on September 4th and 5th. On the September 5th, Vice President Stanton and Director Huang of the OIA joined the gathering and had a good time with the students. Throughout the course of the event, the international freshmen and local freshmen interacted in a very lively manner and will have good memories of each other. 


Freshmen orientation seminar held by the International Health Program for the new international students joining National Yang-Ming University this year