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[2019/07/30] President Guo Encouraged Graduates Not to Lose Faith in Taiwan’s Democracy

Commencement ceremony on June 15th, 2019 National Yang-Ming University congratulates 1101 graduates on their new journey


This year marks the 100th anniversary of the May 4th New Culture Movement and the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Incident. Recently, in Hong Kong, a large-scale demonstration has also triggered international attention. Next year, Taiwan will hold a presidential election. At NYMU's Commencement Ceremony, President Guo's speech topic was “This year is a very special year” and in it he tried to encourage graduates to protect Taiwan’s democracy.


In President Guo’s speech, he said that some people are disappointed with Taiwan’s democracy and that others think this is a crucial life-or-death moment for Taiwan’s democracy. However, in a democratic society, conflict is very common. We should not be afraid of conflict, but rather we should be afraid of not being able to solve the conflict. “Taiwan’s democracy system isn’t perfect, but we should never lose faith in Taiwan’s democracy.” Guo took the recently legalized same-sex marriage legislation as an example, saying, “People with different thoughts can still work together.” In order to create the best possible society and to do this we should have the grace to make mutual compromises.


Liu (Left), Chiou, Yang, and Huang were awarded the “16th Outstanding Alumni Award” this year


During the commencement ceremony, National Yang-Ming University also selected outstanding alumni for the “16th Outstanding Alumni Award”. This year they were: Director Huang of the KSVGH Department of Critical Care Medicine, Dean Yang of the Tzu Chi University College of Medicine, President Liu of Wei-Cheng Dental, and former Director of the Health Promotion Administration and current Director of the Cheng Hsin Hospital Family and Society Medical Department, Chiou.


Huang invented Asia’s first ambulance ECG mobile system, enabling paramedics to contact hospital physicians during the prime critical time and save lives. Yang has been committed to medical education reform for many years and has promoted problem-based learning as part of medical education. Liu on the other hand founded Wei-Cheng Dental, and established Biodenta, which is the one of the best examples of dental-private enterprise cooperation. Chiou in her early days served at the Public Health Bureau under the Yilan County Government and the Taipei City Government. Then as Director of the Health Promotion Administration under the Ministry of Health and Welfare, she promoted “healthy cities” and “four cancer screenings.” Her efforts in public health over 30 years have won her the outstanding alumni award this year.


There were 517 undergraduates, 478 graduates and 106 doctoral graduates this year. Among them, Nguyen Thi Minh Tan from Vietnam studied as part of the NYMU International Health Program. She is a pediatric nephrologist in Vietnam and her job involved conducting dialysis on children. In order to relieve the children from pain, she realized that preventive medicine is very important. Therefore, she came to Taiwan and studied public health. This year, she graduated with honors and was selected to represent international graduates.


Nguyen Thi Minh Tan speaking on behalf of NYMU's international students