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[2019/07/23] The Global Research & Industry Alliance Reveals Innovative Applications that Use AI in Healthcare in Digital Medicine via Interdisciplinary Cooperation

【Panel Discussion 1:Digital Medical Ecosystem: Innovation and Transformation】 A group photo of the hosts and the panelists.


On the 14th of May, the Global Research & Industry Alliance, National Yang-Ming University, hosted the world-class Industry-Academia Matching Forum under the theme “Digital Medicine”. Hundreds of people were attracted to this grand event. The first “Digital Medicine Alliance” ever in Taiwan was launched during the meeting. National Yang-Ming University's Institute of Data Science and Engineering, National Chiao Tung University, and the Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica, have combined forces in this alliance to prevent and treat diseases through the application of artificial intelligence (AI) techniques. The alliance initially hopes to provide precision strategies to prevent and treat human strokes and have taken this opportunity to open a new door on the innovative applications of digital medicine using AI techniques.


NYMU Business Center of Industry-Academia Liaison/GLORIA Chief Executive Officer Bey gave a welcome speech before the panel discussion began. She mentioned that NYMU has applied itself to integrating all its on-campus AI resources for this event, and that this took six months planning. Chief Executive Officer Bey also introduced Vice-President Hsieh, the leader of the Integrative Human Brain Science and Neurotechnology Laboratory. Vice-President Hsieh indicated, “The introduction of digital technology, including AI, the Internet of Things (IoT), big data computer science, and biomedical electronics to the medicine has led to the creation of a new concept, digital medicine. Hopefully, there will be many new innovative applications created.”



  Chief Executive Officer Bey (left) and Vice-President Hsieh (right) started the panel discussion by making an introduction.


The first half of the panel discussion, which had “Digital Medical Ecosystem: Innovation and Transformation” as its theme, was co-hosted by Vice-President Hsieh and Chief Executive Officer Bey. Several representatives from the Digital Medicine Alliance shared and analyzed the innovative technology applications available in their fields of research. The emphasis of the panel discussion was on discussing why the world’s top technology companies at present (Microsoft, Google, IBM) have entered the market for AI applications in healthcare after they have gain a significant advantage, and whether start-up companies and digital research centers still stand a chance of beating these companies to the marketplace.


Kazem Kazempour, President of an internationally renowned contract research organization (CRO), namely Amarex Clinical Research, was invited to give a keynote speech during the second half the panel discussion. This speech explored the topic, “Development of Medical Big Data: Applications and Challenges”. The National Health Insurance Administration Chief Secretary Yeh, Dr. Sheu, Dean of Taichung Veterans General Hospital, ASUS Life Corporation General Manager Wu, and Helios Bioelectronics Inc. Vice General Manager Liu , were also invited to share their experience of digital health development. The final part of the panel discussion was hosted by NYMU Vice-President Yang.


【Panel Discussion 2:The Development of Medical Big Data: Applications and Challenges】A group photo of the hosts and the panelists.


Through this event, the NYMU GLORIA, expects to help bring the demands of industry into universities through collaboration and thus channel on-campus research and development outcomes into international markets using this wave of artificial intelligence. The goal is to encourage the creation of innovative applications and interdisciplinary cooperation, thus forging a brand-new era of digital medicine via collaboration!