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[2019/06/17] NYMU Gloria and Cheng Hsin General Hospital Deliver a Counseling and Funding Orientation Program to Encouraged the Commercialization of Research Products

The 2019 “Call for Proposals” Orientation hosted by the Global Research & Industry Alliance of National Yang-Ming University and Cheng Hsin General Hospital


On the 10th of April, the Global Research & Industry Alliance (Gloria) of National Yang-Ming University conducted via the Gloria Program a “call for proposals” orientation at the International Conference Hall of Cheng Hsin General Hospital (CHGH). The Gloria Program is a program that was launched by the Department of Industry-Academia Collaboration, Ministry of Science and Technology, and entrusted to National Yang-Ming University for its execution. The purpose of this orientation, hosted by Vice Superintendent Yeh of Cheng Hsin General Hospital, was to assist medical institutions with bring about commercialization of their clinical research products. Close to a hundred medical personnel participated in the orientation and those attending enthusiastically exchanged opinions.


Superintendent Wei of Cheng Hsin General Hospital encouraged the front-line staff of Cheng Hsin General Hospital to help patients through innovation when they encounter a clinical work bottleneck. In such circumstances, the approaches needed to improve clinical processes can be realized through industry-academia collaboration, which will bring about medical progress. Vice Superintendent Tsai of Cheng Hsin said he was confident that the research funding provided by the NYMU Global Research & Industry Alliance would encourage more people to submit high-quality proposals.



  CHGH Superintendent Wei (left) encouraged the front-line staff of Cheng Hsin to help more patients by innovating. NYMU President Kuo (right) remarked medical product commercialization was significant and was begun to contribute to society more and more.


In his opening remarks, President H. S. Kuo declared that National Yang-Ming University's aim had been to treat and care for patients ever since its establishment 44 years ago. Now the University aims to have even greater participation in industry-academia collaboration and boost the economy in Taiwan into the future. In the past, doctors generally practiced medicine to save people rather than to make a profit. The significance of medical product commercialization is that it makes an increasing large contribution to society as a whole by increasing successful ageing rather than making money in itself.


Director Li of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology (Division of Hearing) stated that the Division of Hearing team has focused on the development of hearing assistance devices in the recent years, including noise reduction in cochlear implants and hearing aids. The team has also collaborated with Academia Sinica, National Yang-Ming University, and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology on related research projects. They are currently planning to design an assistance device Apps with the Graduate Institute of BioMedical Engineering of National Yang-Ming University and are conducting research on chips with the Graduate Institute of Electrical Engineering of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. The goal is to make hearing assistance devices more user-friendly and more practical.



  Dr. Chu (left), and Director Li (right), shared their experiences collaborating with NYMU


Dr. Chu declared that hospitals should collaborate with universities when conducting detailed clinical studies. His team primarily works with Prof. Chu’s team at National Yang-Ming University and has had much discussion in order to clear up doubts concerning clinical cases. They are collaborating on bone fracture and spinal surgery cases at present. Dr. Chu’s team will continue to collaborate with medical universities in order to conduct follow-up research in greater depth.


With the assistance of a professional team, declared the CHGH Superintendent Wei at the end of the meeting, industry-academia collaboration will begin to yield more fruitful results. The NYMU Global Research & Industry Alliance is one such professional team that offers advice and assistance concerning industry-academia collaboration. Superintendent Wei’s team has put forward three proposals at present that have been submitted to the present “call for proposals”. He also encouraged his colleagues to continue to innovate, improve, and carry out research and development, which will allow them to seize the opportunity and submit proposals.


President Kuo said that NYMU has successfully established three industry-academia collaborations between NYMU and CHGH in 2018 through the assistance of the Global Research & Industry Alliance. It is hoped that the partnership between the two institutes will become even closer in the future.