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[2019/03/12] NYMU Helps Acer by Cooperating with them in the Development of a Self-Driving Car by Improving Vehicle Comfort and Safety

Acer Corporation showcasing in Taiwan the company's first self-driving car.


Medicine can benefit the development of self-driving vehicles! National Yang-Ming University and Acer Corporation are collaborating in hope of using the former's expertise in medicine to improve the comfort of self-driving technology, as well as improving the system's ability to control the vehicle and vehicle safety. By analyzing the physiology of the passengers in a self-driving car, the results will be able to be used in future for the design of the self-driving passenger-machine interface.



With the development of artificial intelligence, many domestic companies have begun to focus on the development of self-driving vehicles. Acer recently presented in Taiwan the company's first prototype of a self-driving car. It is classified has having a level 4 self-driving technology system. Acer is cooperating with all related suppliers to create a self-driving car industrial alliance in order to become the leader of Taiwan's self-driving industry. Even though the prototype car comes with light scanning technology and GPS location services, integrating artificial intelligence as a means to control the vehicle on the road, while maintaining driving comfort and appropriate precautions, remains a difficult task that is yet to be solved.


National Yang-Ming University intends to cooperate with Acer during the development of this self-driving car. They will be analyzing the passenger’s heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rhythm. Using these physiological values, they will be able to help to integrate this information into the car’s environmental detection system. This form of integration will help the Acer self-driving developing team to create a more user friendly interface, which in turn will allow the self-driving car to mimic a real human driving experience in any set of conditions, while at the same time helping the system to be able to counteract any sudden situational problems. This cooperation between National Yang-Ming University and Acer Cooperation is a rare cooperative event between medicine and the self-driving car development industry.


Project Manager Shu of National Yang-Ming University remarked that is an extremely good example of the integration of medicine and artificial intelligence. Although artificial intelligence technology is able to be used to drive the car by itself, nevertheless, in order to insure the car is driven stably and comfortably for the passengers (meaning that they need not worry about the car suddenly accelerating or decelerating), there is a requirement for real-time medical information that can be integrated into the deep learning used by artificial intelligence.


Acer Value Lab Assistant Vice President Lin remarked that, looking into the future, the integration of automation, the World-Wide Web, and serviceability into vehicles used for transport is the next big thing. By integrating Acer’s self-driving system, the company's hardware, and a well-rounded service with the medical expertise of National Yang-Ming University, Acer aims to use this cross-industry alliance to improve self-driving comfort, vehicles' control, and vehicle safety. With these in mind, they hope to give birth to a new era that will use Taiwanese Artificial Intelligence Self-Driving Technology.