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[2019/03/06] Five Teachers from NYMU Receive the “2018 Futuretech Breakthrough Award”

Department of Biomedical Imaging and Radiological Sciences Professor Yang (right 2nd) and his team receiving the award from the Director Chen of the Ministry of Science and Technology.


National Yang-Ming University is focusing on research and development in the field of a geriatric society. In 2018, National Yang-Ming University’s research entered a huge spotlight at the Futuretech convention. Professor Kao’s laser fiber endoscope, Professor Chen’s MIP-1β inhibitor, Professor Kao’s dizziness balance and fall smart assessment platform, Professor Yang’s low-intensity pulsed ultrasonic helmet, and Professor Yang’s method for rapid assessment of food safety were all featured and each of these five great inventions won the Ministry of Science and Technology “2018 Futuretech Breakthrough Award”.



  Department of Medicine Professor Kao (right 2nd) and his research team (right 2nd). Institute of Food Safety and Health Rish Assessment Professor Yang (right 1st) and Professor Jiang from China Medical University and his team (right 2nd)



  Department and Institute of Pharmacology Professor Chen and his team. Institute of Biophotonics Professor Kao and his team.


The Futuretech convention held by the Ministry of Science and Technology had its closing ceremony on December 15th, 2018. The awardees of this year’s “Futuretech Breakthrough Award” were announced during the ceremony. The five professors from National Yang-Ming University who had been invited to this convention all received an award. Director Chen of the Ministry of Science and Technology remarked: “Last year in 2017 the Ministry of Science and Technology held the “Futuretech Convention” for the first time. Via this convention, we have created a platform through which scientific researchers are able to present their results and push forward the possibilities of commercializing their research. This approach has created a successful commercial exchange and cooperation platform in the field of Academia-Industry Research. Last year the three day convention brought more than 26,000 visitors to the exhibition, resulted in more than 2,000 negotiations on cooperation taking place, and provided a professional forum for more than 4,000 participants. Furthermore, the conventional also generated more than 30 million dollars of funding in the area of academic industrial cooperation and technical transfer.