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[2019/02/25]Retracing NYMU’s History and Memories: The University's History Exhibition “Remembrance Space” is Now Open

NYMU’s History Gallery opening ceremony.


On Dec. 27, 2018, President NYMU Guo, Former NYMU President Wu, President of the Alumni Association Zhu, Curator Guo and NYMU's teachers unveiled the above banner during the opening ceremony of the University’s history gallery, “Space for Yang-Ming Memories.” The exhibition provides all students, faculty members and alumni from NYMU with a space where they begin to remember the University’s history and memories, which will help NYMU’s trajectory to be recovered once again and move it into the future.


In his speech, President Guo remarked that National Yang-Ming University was founded 43 years ago. In the past, the school history gallery had been displayed in the hall of the School of Medicine Building and at the Office of General Affairs where there was an archive exhibition. In fact, NYMU has accumulated a great many stories and in order to prevent these stories from being scattered in different places, President Guo asked for Curator Guo to organize the history of NYMU properly. The chosen space was originally the Center for Arts and Humanities, but due to the reopening of the Center for Arts and Humanities at the "Reminiscence Space," the space was renamed “Space for Yang-Ming Memories” by Curator Guo and it had become a place where all students, faculty members and alumni could rebuild and share memories.


Curator Guo (left) explained the exhibits to the guests.


Curator Guo said that NYMU was established in 1975 and was transformed from a college into a university in 1994. This transformation was like human growth, and many documents and objects since the founding of the school have been displayed since 2011 in the Hall of the School of Medicine Building as an art form. The school history gallery had always lacked adequate display space and, as a result much material had never had the chance to be fully examined and organized. In order to reconstruct and revitalize the University's history, the library undertook the project and transformed the original Center for Arts and Humanities into the university's history gallery space and named it the “Space for Yang-Ming Memories”.



  The “Space for Yang-Ming Memories " is located at the original Center for Arts and Humanities on the first floor of the University Library building.


The exhibition is based on historical materials and has a collection of pictures, documents, objects from relevant institutes, and interviews with some professors. It is arranged into four blocks, which consist of the time as a medical college, the transition to a research university, the vision of university and the library's history. With a simple and generous style and inclusive content, the exhibition hopes to show the will and knowledge of predecessors when facing challenges and allow NYMU’s history and trajectory to be recalled and imagined again for the future.


VIPs at the Opening ceremony