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[2019/01/31] The NYMU x Tokyo University Cooperation Agreement and Future Developments in Medical Research and Academic Exchange

Tokyo University Faculty and Graduate School of Medicine, Professor Masahiro Akihito (left) and National Yang-Ming University School of Medicine President Chen (right) signing the cooperation agreement between the two schools. Vice Principle Yang (middle) is overseeing this signing ceremony.


Japan Tokyo University Faculty and Graduate School of Medicine and Tokyo Medical University Hospital Vice President Professor Masahiro Akihito, accompanied by Dr. Taro Kojima and Dr. Yumi Umeda-Kameyama, have visited Taiwan for the signing of the Tokyo University x National Yang-Ming University Cooperation Agreement on November 19th, 2018. In addition to the signing, Tokyo University also indicated that they will share their experience with Taiwan via the Taiwan Japan Conference for Geriatric Medicine. National Yang-Ming University will also show-case their geriatric researches at this forum and participate in academic discussions with Tokyo University.

Japan as a country has the oldest society in the world. On the other hand, Taiwan is the world’s fastest aging country. Because of the historical, cultural, and environmental links between Taiwan and Japan, discussions on the topic of geriatrics by these two countries are more connected with each other than with either the USA or Europe. In the face of the problem of aging societies in Asia, both countries will be able to work hand in hand to create for Asia a healthy aging model; this will be made possible by creating a standard for geriatric disease diagnosis and treatment for Asia. Great academic value will come from this. Previously for example, both countries have work together to formulate a standard for the diagnosis of sarcopenia that is specific to Asia. This standard takes into account the differences in sarcopenia diagnosis between Asia, Europe and the USA. Furthermore, this standard has also influenced recent changes in the diagnosis standard for sarcopenia in Europe. This signing of an agreement between the two schools aims to develop much closer academic exchange in the future.

National Yang-Ming University has always strived to create an international cooperative network. In the past, they have signed academic and research cooperation agreements with a wide range prestigious international universities including Johns Hopkins University, UC San Diego, and Duke University. This cooperation agreement with Asia’s top university, Tokyo University Faculty and Graduate School of Medicine, aims to bring about the creation of a five year teaching and research agreement that will surpass the format of this Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). With a clear cooperation mechanism in relation to both teachers and students, this agreement with Tokyo University will be able to further the international perspectives and the academic research platforms of everyone at National Yang-Ming University.


Taiwan-Japan Conference for Geriatric Medicine, group photo with the guests