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[2019/01/18] 2018 Veteran Yang-Ming Forum, Twenty-one Geriatric Experts present their Research Results on Aging

2018 TVGH-NYMU Forum featured twenty-one short lectures by Taipei Veterans General Hospital Yang Ming experts presenting their broad-based geriatric research results.


In 2018, Taiwan officially became an aged society. To help combat the problems linked to old age, National Yang-Ming University and Taipei Veterans General Hospital cooperated to hold a forum, the 2018 Veteran Yang-Ming Forum, on November 11. This featured 21 sessions by geriatric experts from Taipei Veterans General Hospital and National Yang-Ming University. The forum showcased their geriatric research results. More than 500 listeners were attracted, including National Yang-Ming University alumni, all of whom were interested in the field of geriatric medicine, new areas of geriatric research and the development of the silver economy.


President Kou pointed out that, ever since National Yang-Ming University had begun to cooperate closely with Taipei Veterans General Hospital, both groups had worked together to train medical personnel for rural areas, to train individuals in basic medicine, to carrying out chromosome sequencing, and to develop the area of geriatric medicine. He further stated that he believes that, in the future, geriatric health would expand into another very important field. In addition to the Aging and Health Research Center, National Yang-Ming University’s seven schools (namely medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmaceutical sciences, biomedical science and engineering, life sciences, humanities and social sciences) are also involved in many fields relating to geriatric medicine. Furthermore, National Yang-Ming University is also cooperating with the government to develop multiple geriatric programs. Finally, National-Yang Ming University Hospital at Yilan has been recognized for its excellent care of aged citizens suffering from dementia.



  President Kou points out that this forum consists of all of the geriatric experts from both NYMU and TVGH and thus this is a very meaningful event (left). Taipei Veterans General Hospital Superintendent Zhang remarks, TVGH will continue working closely with NYMU to further Taiwan’s international lead in geriatric medicine.



  Chairman Shi remarked that the StanShih Foundation has already donated major funding to carry out research on aged Asian citizens (left). Director Chen opens the forum with a brief speech on the history of and the progress in geriatric medicine.


Taipei Veterans General Hospital Superintendent Zhang pointed out that Taipei Veterans General Hospital’s patients consist of, on average, the oldest citizens in Taiwan. This had become the foundation of the development of geriatric medicine at Taipei Veterans General Hospital. In 2012, the Taipei Veterans General Hospital Geriatrics and Gerontology Center was selected as the only World Class Geriatric research advancement center in Asia. This is marked an important milestone for Taipei Veterans General Hospital and they will continue working closely with National Yang-Ming University to further Taiwan’s geriatric medicine lead internationally in the future.



  From left: New Taipei City Department of Health Commissioner Lin, National Yang-Ming University School of Medicine Dean Chen, School of Dentistry Dean Hsu, discussing the issue of aging from the perspectives of public health, cardiovascular health, and oral health.


The 2018 Veteran Yang-Ming Forum brought together the research results from experts in public health and in innovative medical technology for long-term care and geriatric patients. This forum is seeking to reveal the key to prolonging a good life during the aging process. As such this includes analysis of cardiovascular vessels, brain imaging, investigation of longevity genes, exploring psychological resilience, the development of smart medical technology, the creation of innovative medical materials, and the development of new drugs. All of the above together should help to improve the quality of life of senior citizens from various different aspects and points of view.