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[2019/01/17] 2018 ANOH Conference had its Grand Opening at NYMU

The 3rd ANOH Conference was held at NYMU. Visitors came from 13 countries, and more than 200 scholars, experts, industrial personnel and government personnel from a wide range of occupational health fields participated in the conference.


The Asian Network for Occupational Hygiene (ANOH) Seminar (ANOH-CON 2018) was co-organized by National Yang-Ming University (NYMU) and the Taiwan Occupational Hygiene Association (TOHA). The conference spanned three days with an opening at NYMU on November 4. Scholars, experts, industrial personnel and government officials came from at least 13 countries. Participants consisted of more than 200 individual working in a wide range of occupational health related fields. These delegates altogether presented more than 100 papers, projects and new technologies at the conference. This year marked the highest number of people and countries attending this conference. As a result of cooperation between professional groups in Asia, the conference aimed to promote the sharing of both research results and practical applications. It also allows important discussion to take place concerning occupational workplaces and working conditions that affect the health of today's workers. This will aid with constructing healthy working environments, and allows new methods of protecting workers' safety, physical health and mental health to be developed.



  Vice President Chen (left) shared his experience during the development of Taiwan’s occupational health system. President Kuo (right) on behalf of NYMU welcomes the participants


The conference invited six important figures from the occupational health field to give seven keynote speeches. Among them, ANOH Chairman, Professor Park, explored the future directions of occupational health as the artificial intelligence (AI) era begins to have an impact. Three directors from Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia also introduced the professional health activities that take place in their countries; this will help Asian countries to better understand each other and help with the promotion of regional cooperation.



  Control Yuan President Chang (left) and ANOH Chairman Prof. Park (right) speaking at the opening ceremony


The seminars featured six discussion panels, including occupational health improvements in the semiconductor industry supply chain, occupational health applications related to the Internet of Things (IoT), development of occupational health standards in Asia, chemical management in industrial supply chains, human factor engineering and ergonomics issues and improvements in technological practices, and the development of fine particle sampling/detection technology and control practices. All of these discussion topics are important and/or emerging issues and directly affect the contemporary occupational health profession.


In addition, there were 29 and 52 oral presentations and poster papers, respectively, published as a seminar program. The topics include: chemical exposure and control, physical/biological/human factors in engineering hazard assessment, R&D and application of fine particle and nanoparticle measurement technology, physical and mental health issues in the workplace, occupational health management and environmental sanitation. Scholars from all over the world expressed their enthusiasm and outlined for the audience the differences in occupational health issues across the various Asian countries.


The opening ceremony and the VIPs