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[2019/01/16] NYMU’s Excellence in Digital Dental Technology Appeals to Experts from Eight Southeast Asian Countries

Digital Dental Technology courses at the School of Dentistry have attracted dental experts from eight Southeast Asian countries


In the past, it would take weeks until all the adjustments needed to provide dentures for a patient were complete. In the modern world, digital dental technology is able to greatly shorten the time needed. The Dean of the School of Dentistry, Ming Lun Hsu, began planning the courses described in the title five years ago, and they have just attracted 22 dentists from eight countries in Southeast Asia to come to Taiwan to learn; this has also become a model for Taiwan’s South Bound Policy.


The most common application of computers in dentistry is the production of dentures. In the past, in order to install dentures, patients had to endure an uncomfortable procedure during which intraoral impressions of their teeth and gums were made. After the impression was taken out of the patient's mouth, a dental technician would use a layer of wax to form a prototype of the denture. After casting, dewaxing, polishing and brightening, a pair of dentures were made; this process is very lengthy. If the dental model turn out not to fit well, everything had to start again and patients would have to go back and forth to the clinic repeatedly. By way of contrast, when using the latest 3D printing technology, dentists are able to use an oral scanning machine to print out a model of the patient's teeth and gums. Through 3D grinding, the dentures can be created in a short time, and after only one visit to the clinic, patients can get a pair of good, customized dentures.



  NYMU's advanced digital dentist technology uses a computer to scan the oral cavity and this scan can be used to instantly build a denture model and the result is a completed pair of dentures on the same day.


Dean Ming Lun Hsu remarked that, compared with traditional dentistry, digital dentistry not only produces dentures much faster, but also with less errors. The process can truly achieve precise medical treatment. This time the National Yang Ming University’s School of Dentistry has attracted many Southeast Asian dental experts to participate in its courses. In addition to the best equipment, Taiwan’s talented dental personnel and digital dental skills were also well received.



  Speaker Ngo Thi Quynh Lan, Dean of the Faculty of Odonto-Stomatology in Ho Chi Minh City Medicine and Pharmacy University, Vietnam (left). President Hsu of the Schoolof Dentistry said that Taiwan's digital dental technology has become mature, and the courses are being promoted across Southeast Asian countries.(right)


The experts from the eight countries are expected to stay in Taiwan for a week. They will go through hands-on courses, including using scanners to obtain models of the mouth, importing the scans into software for denture design, and finally using 3D grinding and printing technology. Dean Ming Lun Hsu said that he hopes to help Southeast Asian countries establish a basic level of knowledge in digital dentistry through this exchange opportunity and this will help to promote related digital dental industries in Taiwan to countries under the new southbound policy.


VIPs at the opening ceremony with the Southeast Asian Dental Experts who attended the courses