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[2018/11/01] NYMU 5 University Alliance – Creating the Largest Biomedical Development Alliance as part of the Shilin Beitou Technology Circle

The Shilin Beitou Science and Technology Park is coming soon and will become an integration center for Taipei's entrepreneurial counseling resources. National Yang Ming University has formed alliances with Tatung University, Mackay Memorial Hospital, National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Science and Ming Chuan University Innovation School of Management which will be the largest and most talented development alliance in Taipei's North District. It is believed that the alliance will help with the future development of the Shilin Beitou Technology Circle.


Following the Neihu Science and Technology Park and the Nangang Software Park, the Shilin Beitou Technology Circle will become Taipei’s 3rd science and technology park. It is slated that this area will target biotechnology and other industries and the aim is to attract them to the park in hopes of becoming Taipei’s largest industrial cluster, creating significant future economic development. Since National Yang Ming University is approximately 3 kilometers away from the Shilin Beitou Technology Circle, it will be able to play major roles in biomedical production and education, as well as helping to gather all the needed related resources into the Shilin Beitou District in order to accelerate development of the industrial base that will form the Shilin Beitou Technology Circle.


The NYMU Innovation and Incubator Center initiates the five university alliance, creating Taipei’s largest biomedical industry education alliance.


Since the alliance of these five universities, this group has counseled more than one hundred startup companies. With National Yang Ming University's specialty in biomedical sciences, with Mackay Memorial Hospital and National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Science having clinical experience and clinical resources, and with Tatung and Ming Chuan Universities’ expertise in engineering, green technology, and management skills, the aim is to help counsel future companies that are joining the Technology Circle.


The Innovation and Incubator Center at National Yang Ming University has been established for over 10 years. Over this time, it has actively established many entities involved in biomedical cooperation and it has provided guidance in biomedical industrial innovation development. In recent years, in the fields of medical materials, biomedical materials, biotechnology pharmaceutical products and various healthcare industries, the NYMU Innovation and Incubator Center has cultivated a number of new startup companies such as Zion Biotech, YIfu Biomedical, and Yida Medical Equipment. These companies have focused on proton-targeted cancer treatment system, probiotic strain development and medical optoelectronic equipment, respectively. The number of patent applications applied for by these companies has grown by over 50%. Biotechnology-related medicine has a number of specific characteristics, these are deep knowledge requirements, high risk, high cost, high profitability and significant investment uncertainty. Thus there is a need to gather together in one place all of the needed related resources in order to maximize success by creating a specific niche for company development. As a result of the above needs, NYMU Innovation and Incubator Center initiated this five school alliance in order to create the largest biomedical industry development alliance in northern Taiwan.


Vice President Yang (left) represents National Yang Ming University at the five university alliance signing ceremony.


National Yang Ming University Vice President Yang remarked that within the Biotechnology and Healthcare Industry, National Yang Ming University has always played a role in industrial research and, this time, with the formation of an alliance with the other universities, the result is better integration across different fields. This level of integration will be able to better meet the needs of a wide range of different startup companies. By customizing the resources provided to a given operation, it will also improve the development of each industry and achieve greater prosperity by the sharing of commercial resources. .


The location of the five university alliance is within the Shilin Beitou District of Taipei City, and Vice President Yang remarked that after the establishment of Shilin Beitou Technology Circle in the near future, this should develop into a star area for future industries development in Taipei City. He hoped that this five university alliance, because of its geographical convenience, would be able to provide the most powerful support to both industry and academics so that the results of academic research are able to be commercialized and value will be created that will benefit society in general.


Many the companies involved in development are optimistic about the usefulness of the Shilin Beitou Technology Circle.