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[2018/10/17] NYMU Sign a Dual Degree Program Contract with Heidelberg University

President Kou (Right) and President of Heidelberg University, Bernhard Eitel (Left), representing both schools sign the contract.


Beginning as early as next year, graduate and doctorate students from National Yang Ming University can obtain a dual degree from our school and Heidelberg University, making NYMU the first school in Taiwan to establish a dual degree program with Heidelberg University. It is believed that this collaboration program will begin with National Yang Ming University's School of Biomedical Engineering and School of Life Sciences; it will create an easier path for students to acquire credentials from these two distinguished international academic institutions.


President Kou and his team paid a visit to Heidelberg University in September 2018. During the visit, not only did President Kou participate in medical conferences, but the delegation also had discussions with Heidelberg University, reaching an important agreement on cooperation. The two Universities have signed a graduate and doctoral dual degree memorandum that recognizes credits from both schools. In the future, students who have fulfilled one year of studies in either the School of Biomedical Engineering or the School of Life Sciences at Yang-Ming will be able to apply to Heidelberg University. During their studies in Germany, the students only need to pay their tuition fees for National Yang Ming University and do not need to worry about their tuition fees for Heidelberg University. After graduation, they will be able to obtain a dual degree from both Universities while bearing a much lower financial burden.


Heidelberg University was founded in the fourteenth century and is the oldest university in Germany. There are at least 56 Nobel Prize recipients that have taught, studied or held a research position at the University. In 2006, Nobel Medicine Prize awardee, Harald zur Hausen was invited to National Yang-Ming University. Following this visit, Professor Wolfgang Fischer of National Yang-Ming University Institute of Biophotonics was invited to Heidelberg University as a guest theoretical physics professor. Last year, after a recommendation by Director Lian of the Institute of Neuroscience, Professor Hannah Monyer of Heidelberg University College of Medicine was awarded the Ministry of Science and Technology Tsungming Tu Award.



  National Yang-Ming University and Heidelberg University first signed an academic memorandum and a memorandum of cooperation in 2008 (left).This year marks the tenth year of the relationship between National Yang-Ming University and Heidelberg University. Here President Kou, who is representing NYMU, is presenting a gift commemorating the cooperation between Yang-Ming and Heidelberg University.


National Yang-Ming University and Heidelberg University first signed an academic memorandum and a memorandum of cooperation in 2008. Over the past 10 years, NYMU and Heidelberg University have exchanged more than 35 students and have held annually conferences alternatively. This intensive academic cooperation has helped to facilitate the creation of the dual degree program between both universities. The NYMU Office of International Affairs Chief Wei remarked, “This year marks the 10th anniversary of cooperation between the two schools. Students are able to obtain a degree from Heidelberg University, and in the process they improve their language abilities, their academic achievements and help from a cultural exchange perspective, all of which increase their international competitiveness.”


This is the third time that National Yang-Ming University has established a dual degree program with an international University, the other two being the University of Technology of Troyes and Tunku Abdul Rahman University. Currently, there are five students from NYMU that have obtained a degree from the University of Technology of Troyes, while one student from this University has already received a Master’s degree from NYMU and is continuing to pursue a doctoral degree here. At present, one student from Tunku Abdul Rahman University is in the process of earning a bachelor’s degree from NYMU.


Group Photograph after the signing ceremony