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[2018/09/19] ICF’s “ATLife Assistive Technology for Live” Exhibition Is the Largest Scale Expo Ever

Executive Yuan Premier Lai and Ministry of Health and Welfare Minister Chen were accompanied by President Kou of NYMU and Director Lee of RICFATduring their tour of the ATLife exhibition


The “ATLife Assistive Technology for Live” was hosted by “the NYMU Research Center on ICF, Disability and Health and Assistive Technology (RICFAT)”, and is the largest assistive technology expo in Taiwan. This year the exhibition took place for the first time at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center and there were more than 180 companies participating; these were offering technology related to the care of the elderly, as well as individuals with physical and mental disorders, together with innovative medical rehabilitation aids. With 500 booths at the venue, a total of 2000 different assistive technologies was the main attraction at this year’s exhibition. Many new and innovative technologies were introduced to the visitors. Such technologies aim to improve and transform the quality of healthcare by bringing innovation to Taiwan’s long-term care program.


During the opening ceremony on July 19, Executive Yuan Premier Lai affirmed the importance of ATLife to the development of Taiwan's assistive technology industry. ATLife allows our domestic corporations, foreign companies, and governmental departments to see the enthusiasm that encompasses Taiwan’s assistive technology and long-term care industry. ATLife also serves as a platform for citizens and the long-term service sector in general to see and try the technologies offered at the exhibition. Premier Lai remarked that the National Yang-Ming University RICFAT, since it was first commissioned by the government in 2001, had stayed true to its brief for over the past 17 years. From the integration of multiple assistive technologies through to research and its promotion, there have been many great results from the Center. Furthermore, the facilitation of this international exhibition is an affirmation of the commitment to the area of National Yang-Ming University. He also expressed his gratitude for the work of Director Lee of RICFAT and also for the Center's efforts regarding this industry.



  Premier Lai (middle) was present at the introduction ceremony and then experienced first hand the innovative assistive technology.


Director Lee pointed out that ATLife is an important annual event for Taiwanese assistive technology and long-term care industry. Representatives from industry, government, university institutes, and renowned medical technology corporations all participate in this event, seeking and discussing future plans. Furthermore, the participation of medical technicians, and the presence of their booths, adds to the uniqueness of this exhibition; they help to pinpoint many significant results in the fields of product development and design.


The ATLife 2018 Expo had over 180 companies participating and 500 booths


This year marks the 3rd annual ATLife Expo, focusing on daily activities, visual interactions, sports rehabilitation, smart care, which shars current innovative techniques and product development. During the four day of exhibition, leading companies showcased their large-scale smart care products and software/hardware supportive medical items; this allowed care takers to try out the products. In addition, the Ministry of Health and Welfare Social and Family Affairs Administration “Center for Assistive Technology Resources and Popularization” gathered together all of their assistive technology service units and offered information on government aid related to services linked to assistive technology. They also organized a “wheelchair positioning service booth”, which provided demonstrations by level 1 assistive technology evaluators of wheelchair positioning for severely handicapped patients; this gave carers and professionals a new opportunity to learn about these innovative systems.


In order to cooperate with long-term care plan development, ATLife issued a “12 Long-term Care Frequently Asked Questions and Product Guide Map” that was targeted at industry and professionals. This provided a wide range of answers to questions on senior sport rehabilitation, outdoor activities, home independence, movement placement, care transition, disabled home renovation, respiratory care, skin sores, visual and hearing impairment, instrumental calibration, smart care and youth development retardation. In the exhibition, citizens were able to select and try out the best products aimed at tackling the twelve big problems of present day long-term care. The pairing of professional assistive technology evaluators, physical therapists, functional therapists, respiratory therapists, artificial limb specialists and government agencies meant that it was possible to offer a very wide range of services in the areas of healthcare instruction and welfare to those who needed it.



  The four day Expo attracted more than 85,000 visitors (left). Professional live commentary was provided on helping people to select the right assistive technology and its proper use (right).