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[2018/07/30] NYMU x Laurel Development of Mature Healthy Food Research

President Kou (right) and Chairman Wang of the Laurel Corp (left) signing the cooperation agreement, with the Ministry of Science and Technology Deputy General Shu as witness (middle)


Taiwan has officially become an “aging society”. In this context National Yang-Ming University and the Laurel Corp will cooperate for the next five years on research covering both industry and academia in this area of an aging society. This cooperation has resulted in the establishment of the “NYMU-Laurel Nutrition and Health Research Laboratory”. Yang-Ming and Laurel will work together to develop nutritious meal plans that are targeted at the mature age group of Taiwan society with the aim of providing our aging senior citizens with meals that not only tastes good, but also provide them with health benefits.


To offer individuals from the mature age group a more convenient way to obtain food products that are safe, nutritious, and delicious, the leading biomedical research university, National Yang-Ming University and the leading frozen food producer Laurel Corp will take part in this cross field collaboration. NYMU Aging and Health Research Center Director Chen is in charge of this cooperation. Via the “NYMU-Laurel Nutrition and Health Research Laboratory”, the aim is to develop healthy nutritious and tasty products based on both food science and medicine. The incorporation of new ideas in order to break through the stereotypical idea that nutritious products do not taste very good is needed in order to develop a supply of well-rounded meals and related services into the future.


The signing of the cooperation took place on June 27. NYMU President Kou and Laurel Corp Chairman Wang were present at the signing. Director Chen of NYMU, Research and Development chairman Lin and International Industry Academics Alliance Chief Operating Officer Bei were also invited to the unveiling ceremony at the Research Laboratory. Ministry of Science and Technology Deputy General Shu oversaw the signing of the cooperation agreement and gave his best wishes regarding the long term collaboration between the Laurel Corp and NYMU; he hoped that this cooperation would create “better healthcare, new innovations, and outstanding examples”.


President Kou remarked that academic researches needed to positively contribute towards our society and this collaboration between NYMU and the Laurel Corp created a new model for biomedical research and food industry cooperation; he hoped that this collaboration would set a stellar example for future cross-field cooperation.



  “NYMU-Laurel Nutrition and Health Research Laboratory” unveiling ceremony (left).Director Chen explains the required diet for a senior citizen.


Specialized in aging medicine, Director Chen pointed out that clinically there are many senior citizens who are suffering from “sarcopenia”. Often times, this is due to a lack of protein intake and this leads to insufficient muscle levels in the senior citizens; this can impact on their strength and activeness. The muscle changes result in a deterioration of the body’s function and make the person feel tired, cause them waddling when walking, and, in certain severe cases, may cause fractures upon falling. The correct level of protein intake by senior citizens is one of the most important nutrition factors that needs to be advocated more.


Chairman Wang of Laurel Corp remarks: “This cooperation plan will pinpoint many issues that are present among the middle to older age groups in terms of nutrition and it will seek by experimentation to help find solutions to the various problems in this area. I also anticipate that progress will take place through our combined forces that helps to devise the best meal plans for everyone. Using the idea of 1+1>2, in combination with Laurel’s unique taste in their meals, and National Yang-Ming University expertise in health and nutritional medicine, we will be able to offer a more convenient, healthy, nutritious and tasty food service that will provide our customers with better and healthier meals overall.”


NYMU and Laurel Corp members participating in the unveiling ceremony