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[2018/07/11] Accelerating Biotechnology Medical Material Clinical Trials, Three Medical Centers Gathered at NYMU to Share Their Experiences

TVGH, CHH and FEMH three medical centers gathered at NYMU to promote Industry Academic and Medicine cooperation matchmaking.


In order to accelerate biotechnology development in Taiwan, Taipei General Veterans Hospital, Cheng Hsin General Hospital and Far Eastern Memorial Hospital, three of the large medical centers in Taiwan met with the medical equipment industry on May 22th at National Yang -Ming University. Their aim was to share information on biotechnology, medicine and clinical testing trials. By doing this they hope to promote cooperation in Taiwan between industry, academics and medical units by creating matchmaking opportunities; this should accelerate the biotechnology medical material product verification process. This in turn will push forward the development of the biotechnology industry in Taiwan.


New drugs need to be tested clinically before they appear in the market. The same is true of contact lenses and hip joint replacements. Since NYMU is known for biomedical research, in order to facilitate the matchmaking, three Medical Centers in Taipei that are experienced in carrying out clinical trials on biotechnology medical materials were invited. The participants from the Medical Centers included many doctors who then shared with the other participants their experience in real cases. This underlined the energy and range found among Taiwan's hospitals who participate in biomedical clinical experiments.


Vice-President Yang was the host for this conference. Dean of Office of Research and Development Lin and International Industry and Global Research & Industry Alliance Chief Operating Officer Bei headed their teams at the event. Furthermore, NYMU also invited Chief Hsu of Ministry of Science and Technology, Department of Academia-Industry Collaboration and Science Park Affairs, and the Food and Drugs Administration senior officials, to participate in this event. Both of these government agencies are involved in policy related to the field of clinical trials related to biotechnology medical material.


The participating hospitals in this event were Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Cheng Hsin General Hospital and Far Eastern Memorial Hospital. All three hospitals are medical centers that cooperate with National Yang Ming University's internship program. The participants included: Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Chief Wang (Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology) and Chief Chen (Division of Joint Reconstruction, Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology); Cheng Hsin Hospital, Head Lin (Clinical Research Center) and Dr Huang (Cardiovascular Department); and Far Eastern Memorial Hospital, Director Zheng (Clinical Trial Research Center) and Director Zhou (Nursing Department). Of these participants, Director Chen of Taipei Veterans General Hospital shared his experiences while cooperating with the United Orthopedic Corporation on the research and development of the “combined” socket joint, which is used for hip joint replacement. Several other doctors also shared their experiences in hospital clinical trials and actual clinical cases.


Several well-known Taiwanese biotechnology companies, including United Orthopedic Corporation (Assistant General Manager Liao) and Broadsound Corporation (General Manager Yuan), also shared their experiences carrying out clinical trial. United Orthopedic Corporation is the first company in Taiwan to have manufactured orthopedic artificial implant parts, as well as the only company in Asia to be internationally certified to mass produce artificial joints. On the other hand, Broadsound is a comprehensive ultrasonic equipment company. It is also the only Taiwanese company to have received International certification for interchangeable probes.


Towards the end of the event, we invited the Food and Drugs Administration and the Biotechnology Medical Material companies to discuss the current issues affecting Taiwanese clinical trials and to outline future developments. The speakers included Orient EuroPharma Chairman Tsai, who has been actively helping development in Southeast Asia, Wiltrom Co Chairman Liang, who has devoted everything to the development and production of implantable medical materials, Medeon Biodesign General Manager Zheng, who recently earned 50 million USD by licensing their newly developed medical materials and Asus Life Corporation General Manager Wu, who help to create a platform for processing and sorting medical data. By combining industry, politics and medicine, it will be possible to improve the rigor and speed of clinical testing and thus help Taiwan's industries to connect with the world.


In order to help Taiwan's industries to connect with the world as mentioned above, the Ministry of Science and Technology has created the “International Industry and Academic Alliance” (GLORIA) program. National Yang-Ming University has been appointed the task “International League of Biomedical Clinical Trial Test and Commercial Promotion”. The hope is to combine the outstanding development abilities of academia in medicine related fields with broader industrial development.