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[2018/06/14] 2018 Biomedical Technology Job Fair starts on April 28

The Biomedical Technology Job Fair held by NYMU is the largest university based career offering event in Taiwan.


Once a year National Yang-Ming University holds one of the largest Biomedical Technology Job Fairs in Taiwan. This year it took place on April 28th at the Activity Center. More than sixty domestic and international biomedical engineering businesses collaborated with the school to offer more than 600 employment positions. The job offering encompassed a wide range of diverse fields in the area of biomedical technology. The employers included biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical companies, medical materials companies, medical institutes, testing consultants and public-sector corporations. The job fair provides a range of biomedical related information useful to all graduates as well as giving the opportunity for students to come in contact with these corporations. The goal these fairs seek to fulfill is to act as a platform for these great businesses to match up with outstanding students.


This year we had forty biotechnology businesses as well as nineteen medical institutes and public-sector corporations that are offering positions. These included many overseas well-known biomedical businesses, various listed companies and a range of biotechnology corporations; all of these business are participated in the fare in order to recruit. Examples included Siemens Healthineers, TTY Biopharm Company Limited, Orient EuroPharma Co., Johnson & Johnson, YungShin Pharm and the Microbio Group. Furthermore, the Investigation Bureau, the Ministry of Justice, NTU Hospital, and Tri-Service General Hospital were also seeking potential employees.


This year at the career fair had more than 600 jobs on offer in the fields of biomedical engineering, clinical research, drug development, nursing staff, and judicial forensics personnel. Many companies also offered generous job benefits to graduates who have participated in the fare. NTU Cancer Research Center offered several openings for nurses with starting salary of NT$47,000 to NT$60,500. Some private clinics also had offerings with salaries from NT$40,000 and above. In addition, there are several corporations and foreign business that have used this opportunity to recruit senior product managers and drug research managers.


During the fair, most corporations offered the chance to submit personal resumes and held interviews on the spot to encourage talented individual to participate in the field of biotechnology, and to help recent graduates to grasp this opportunity! Students at Yang-Ming can also use this event to observe and learn about developments and breakthroughs in the biotechnology industry. Which will help with planning their future career paths.


During the day of the event, not only did job recruitment take place, but there were also twenty nine talks by corporations and five biotechnology seminars. As part of the latter events, we invited managers from United Biomedical, Medtronic, Johnson & Johnson, Parexel and CHC Healthcare to talk about development and trends in the biotechnology industry and how this affects career development. These seminars provided newcomers with a better understanding of the biotechnology industry as a whole and development trends in general. Finally, they offered the opportunity for the students to interact directly with these corporations.


Sixty domestic and overseas biomedical technology corporations participated in the “2018 Biomedical Technology Job Fair”.