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[2018/03/16] The Company, Orient EuroPharma, donates NT$1.2 Million to support Vietnamese student exchange

Principal Kuo (left) accepts Orient EuroPharma 1.2 Million donation


The “Orient EuroPharma Vietnamese Student Scholarship Program” received 1.2 Million NT$ as a donation from Orient EuroPharma. The donation was accepted by President Kuo. This fund will provide scholarships for Vietnamese students to come to Taiwan for academic exchange in the hope that it will build bridges and will result in closer relationships between NYMU and Universities in Vietnam.


Last year we welcomed twenty four exchange students from Hanoi University of Science and Technology. They received instruction from Professors in the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, in the School of Life Sciences, in the School of Medicine, in the School of Biomedical Science and Engineering, and in the Brain Research Center. We expect to welcome another twenty five students from four different Universities in Vietnam for short term exchange in the near future.


The “Orient EuroPharma Vietnamese Student Scholarship Program” is supported by the Orient EuroPharma Company and it is hoped that it will result in long term cooperation with Vietnamese Universities. President Tsai of Orient EuroPharma believes it is important to support talented students and their contribution to society and industry. Last year they donated 1.2 million NT$ to fund the creation of this scholarship program, and this year they have continued to support student exchange with NYMU and have also offered internship opportunities at Orient EuroPharma to help develop further Taiwan Vietnam academic exchange.


President Kuo remarked: “Opening our school into the international market is a path that we must take. We must forget our old ideas and welcome these talented students from Vietnam. These students have the potential to stand at the forefront of science for their country and this program will create an even closer relationship with Taiwan”.


President Tsai of Orient remarked: “Students from both countries are all outstanding and they are the seed of the future. We thank Yang Ming’s continued support for the biotechnology industry and will continue with our support for the next 5 years”.


Founder of this program Professor Huang remarked: “The Southeastern Asia Pharmaceutical Industry is continuing to grow. Both Taiwan and Vietnam face the problem of hyper aging, and thus the development of health supplements and related medicines has great potential in our near future. With support from Orient EuroPharma scholarship program, we will continue to expand this area and thus create more opportunities for exchanges with Vietnam. This program selects the top students from Vietnam by interview to come to Yang Ming, then at the end of the program, outstanding students are offered the opportunity to continue with their studies at our graduate schools where they can help develop anti-aging products and research on medicines to treat Dengue virus infection. I hope we can lay strong foundations for future cooperation with Universities in Vietnam and create a bridge between school and industry”.