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[2018/04/17] Biotechnology meets Banking, NYMU X NCCU AI development of the “Silver” Economy

NYMU and NCCU cooperation in AI development


What would happen when two non-intersecting field, biotechnology and financing are combined? By combining both resources at NYMU and NCCU, respectively, the alliance aims to innovate within the “silver” technology.


Last year, we received Ministry of Science and Technology funding for “Biotechnology and medical device clinical trials/testing and Commercial Promotion”. The Aging and Health Research Center is combining AI technology with medicine to improve the lifestyle of our aging citizens.


The Ministry of the Interior has estimated that over 3.26 million people in Taiwan are over the age of 65 years old, and Taiwan will become a hyper-aged society in less than 10 years. New innovative medical technologies are needed to insure our aging society is able to continue with a healthy lifestyle, which at the same time will open markets in new field for Taiwan.


The Aging and Health Research Center has started to use Artificial Intelligence in their clinical research. This research includes using AI to aid and improve clinical diagnosis and to help to analyze big data in order to create an aging risk model. This research has the aim of helping to improve how insurance policies work in the future. The alliance of NYMU and NCCU and NYMU’s development of clinical AI approachs, will work hand in hand to move our society forward and to create greater efficiency and value.


The alliance ceremony was presided over by the NYMU President Kuo, Chief Developer Officer Lin, Director Chen of the Aging and Health Research Center, Chief Operating Officer Bei of GloRia , The NCCU President Zhou and NCCU Vice President Wang.


President Kuo’s remarked: “In the recent years, NYMU has pursued Biomedical Technology and placed many resource and a great amount of time into the development of artificial intelligence for clinical research. On the other hand, NCCU has always been one of the top financial banking Universities. With this cooperation between the Universities, we hope to drive global research and create a significant industry alliance.


Leading companies in the field of biomedical technology were also invited to the alliance ceremony including: CEO Yu (余麗娜) of Shuttle Inc, Director General Xu (許銀雄) of Acer Corporation and Executive Vice President Li (李回源) of Fubon Life Insurance financial technology.


GloRia (Global Research & Industry Alliance) is a program promoted by Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) beginning in 2017. MOST has estimated that it will invest $240 million to fund cooperation between Universities with the aim of forging closer relationships between academics and industry; the aim is to motivate universities to cooperate with leading industrial companies via the allocation of resources towards academic innovation.



  President Kuo outlined NYMU’s expertise in Life Science and Health care and how it will aid the financial industry (left) ,

President Zhou of NCCU looks forward to have more collaboration with NYMU in other fields of study in the near future (right)