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[2017/08/08] Our School Ranks High in 2017 Best Universities in Taiwan

Our School Ranks High in 2017 Best Universities in Taiwan


According to the “2017 Best Universities in Taiwan Rankings” released by Global Views Monthly in July, our school excelled in academic achievements, education, and industry-academia performance. We ranked fifth overall—the same rank we held last year—and have maintained our leading advantage.


The “Best Universities in Taiwan Rankings” was published for the first time last year as a cooperative effort between Global Views Monthly and Chair Professor Mu-Hsuan Huang from the Department and Graduate Institute of Library and Information Science at National Taiwan University. The report, which is the first domestic ranking of universities, references international university ranking indicators and survey methods but incorporates factors related to Taiwan’s national conditions. The rankings encompass 22 survey indicators in five dimensions: education, research, globalization, industry-academia collaboration, and social prestige. Final rankings are based on a weighted sum. Universities with fewer than 150 faculty members at assistant professor or above were excluded from the rankings, as were military and police academies. Of the 159 Taiwanese universities, 102 universities were evaluated in the rankings this year.


The dimension of academic achievements includes five indicators: total number of Chinese research papers, number of Chinese research papers per faculty member, total number of English research papers, number of English research papers per faculty member, and number of full-time faculty members who won awards or honors. Our school ranked second in this category, indicating that we publish research papers of excellent quality and have attained outstanding achievements in this area.


The indicators in the education dimension include enrollment rate, student-faculty ratio, total budget, and budget per student. Our school ranked second in student-faculty ratio, third in budget per student, and fifth in the teaching category. These rankings demonstrate that our school achieve excellent standards in teaching quality.


The dimension of industry-academia performance includes the following five indicators: total income from continuing education and industry-academia collaboration, income from industry-academia collaboration per faculty member, number of research papers published as a result of industry-academia collaboration, number of US patents, and number of Taiwanese patents. Our school ranked sixth in this category, showing that our efforts in recent years toward industry-academia collaboration and R&D have produced promising results.


Our school ranked the second place in academic achievements, demonstrating the excellent quality in our research.