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[2012/10/01] Doctoral Candidate Mr. Shun-ping Lin Won a Gold Award of Taipei INST 2012


Doctoral Candidate Mr. Shun-ping Lin Won a Gold Award of Taipei INST 2012

Mr. Shun-ping Lin, a doctoral candidate at the Department of Physical Therapy and Assistive Technology of our school has won a gold award of "2012Taipei International Invention Show and Technomart (INST)" under the joint guidance of his advisor, Prof. Jin-jong Chen and Prof. Bo-jau Kuo of the Brain Science Institute. With "Smart Life" as the theme, this event displayed about 2,000 works and technologies in competition in the fields of cloud technology, ICT industries, creative aesthetics, convenience life, biomedical care and other fields.

During the training of athletes, students often feel chest tightness after intense exercise and the causes of such tightness cannot be identified in hospital checkup. Mr. Lin developed a "Cloud ECG System", by which it can immediately conduct ECG (electrocardiograph) to diagnose chest pain or any discomfort. First, the user identification is confirmed by RFID identification card or registered fingerprint. Then, the user places his/her hands on the sensor ball (board), within 15 seconds, the ECG signals can be automatically uploaded to the cloud server. Through the cloud storage technology, the objectives of real-time recording and access can be achieved. Such ECG data can be used for the diagnosis of the patients' symptom for further observation or treatment accordingly in real time.

The budget for the system proposed by Mr. Lin in the future will be controlled below NTD 5,000 and it can be installed in the sports centers or school infirmaries as a health ATM. In addition to its reasonable price, it has advantages such as being in real time, simple and convenient. In the future, the detected ECG signals can be compared with the MIT-BIH arrhythmia database to provide timely warnings through cloud technology. Moreover, by the promotion of this technology, the Chinese ECG signal database can be established to benefit more people.

 Mr. Lin (Right) explained to judges about the 'Cloud ECG System'

Mr. Shun-ping Lin (Right) explained to judges about the "Cloud ECG System"