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[2012/09/26] President Kung-Yee Laing Elected TWAS Fellow


President Kung-Yee Laing Elected TWAS Fellow

On September 18th, the Academy of Sciences for the Developing World (TWAS) announced President Kung-Yee Liang was elected as one of the new Fellows of 2012. The conferral of the accolades was made at the 23rd TWAS General Meeting held from September 17 to 21 in Tianjin, China.

President Liang was elected Fellow in the area of Medical and Health Sciences. He is a leading researcher in statistical methods for analyzing longitudinal and family data, commonly used in clinical and public health research. His work, known as GEE (Generalized Estimating Equations), has been implemented in many major statistical software including SAS, STATA and SPSS. The original article (Liang and Zeger, Biometrika, 1986) of this statistical method was chosen by Springer Verlag as one of the 60 most influential statistical articles in the 20th century.

TWAS is a well known international autonomous, non-profit, and academic organization. Its main mission is to promote the excellence and capacity in sustainable science and development for the developing countries. President Liang is honored to be one of the prestigious TWAS Fellows. He hopes that more people will participate in and assist the developing world to enhance the cognition and quality of public health.

President Kung-Yee Laing

President Kung-Yee Laing