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National Yang-Ming University Website Security Policy Declaration for Information and Communication Security
National Yang-Ming University Website Security Policy Declaration for Information and Communication Security
In order to safeguard yourself and secure the information of the Website, 「National Yang-Ming University Website」(hereinafter referred to as the Website), particularly based on the principle of 「Personal Information Protection Act」 , establishes the following website safety policies to explain the courses that the Website takes on information and communication.
1. Applicable Scope of the Policy
The following website safety policy applies to your browsing session on the Website for matters such as personal information collection, application and protection. However it is not subject to links to other websites set in the Website. When one links to other websites, one should abide by the website safety policy of other websites.
 2. Links to other websites
Information Safety Policy of the Website applies only to the website of 「National Yang-Ming University」. For any links to other websites through the hyperlink of the Website, the codes of the website should be abided by as the website information safety policy.
3. Website Safety Measurements and Codes
Any attempt on uploading or changing the services or related information provided by the center without authorization is strictly prohibited and might be against the law. The Website provides the following safety protection measures in order to safeguard the website safety and ensure the continuation of the service for all website users:
1. Use network intrusion detection system to monitor network traffic for identifying those who attempt to upload website information, change or intentionally destroy the website.
2. In order to protect your rights from illegal intrusion, destruction or stealing of information, a firewall should be installed. 
3. Install anti-virus software and detect virus regularly in order to provide the user a safe environment to browse web pages.
4. Regularly scan for vulnerability and provide appropriate safety protection measurements.
5. Backup jobs shall be done every three days, and all the data shall be copied and saved in the backup host computer.
6. Download a security PATCH program periodically to update the system. Install appropriate patch system to prevent any improper behavior and to protect the website security.
Transmission of internet data cannot be guaranteed to be one hundred per cent safe. The Website works on protecting the security of both the Website and your personal information; hence SSL Security System for standard access would be used in some cases to protect the security of data transmission. However, due to the fact that the process of data transmission involves the quality of the internet security you use, we cannot ensure the safety of transmitting and receiving your data from the Website. Accordingly, you will have to pay attention and bear the risk of internet data transmission. The aforementioned part is beyond the control range of the Website.
4. Due to the fast development in technology, before the relevant regulations are complete or any unpredictable factors such as environment change occur, the Website shall modify the description of information and security policy declaration to bring the network security protection into effect, as needed.
5. The policy is approved and implemented by Principal after discussion with the University Information Security Organization. Should the regulation need revision, the same procedure will apply.