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National Yang-Ming University Website Privacy Policy Declaration Announcement
National Yang-Ming University Website Privacy Policy Declaration Announcement
Dear website visitors and school faculty/ students, your personal privacy will be given absolute respect and protection by 「National Yang-Ming University Website」 (hereinafter referred to as the NYMU Website). In order to help you understand how the NYMU Website collects, uses and protects the personal information you provide, please carefully review our privacy policy below.

1. Personal information collection
User's personal information sources are described as below:
1. Simple Website Browsing:
The NYMU Website will not collect any personal identification information for simple website browsing or downloading.
2. Information generated by the web server or filled in by the users
When you use specific services provided by the Website (e.g., the event registration service), you may be asked to fill in your personal information alternatively, the server software of the Website may keep certain information on its log files, including but not limited to, your IP address, the time, date and duration of your access connecting to the Website, the type of web browser you use, and the web page you might have accessed information collected by one of the above two sources may include your ID number, name, gender, birth date, telephone and fax number, email address, postal code and address, designation, school ID and other information relevant to your school enrollment status. If you would like to give comments or suggestion to the university, please leave your real name, email address or other information so that we are able to contact you.
 2. Personal Information Use Policy
The personal Information collected by the Website or submitted by the users, along with any statistical results that might be generated from the information, will be used to facilitate campus services and to improve their quality.
We will use your personal information to inform you of all the services, important messages and the statistic analysis as a reference for school improvement.
3. The Use and Policy of Cookies
When you visit the Website, we send one or more cookies to your computer or other device. We use cookies to improve the quality of our service. Users can select the desired level of cookie acceptance in the 「Advanced」from 「Feature Set」of Netscape or the 「Security」tab from 「Internet Options」 of IE. The setting includes 「Accept all cookies」、「Get notification when setting cookies」and 「Reject all cookies 」. Should you choose to reject all cookies, you might be unable to use part of the website functions such as questionnaires or to participate in some activities. Based on the following objectives and circumstances, 「the Website」shall write cookies to your browsers and read Cookies in the principle of the policy.
    3. In order to provide a better, more personalized service and facilitate your participation in interactive activities, Cookies will be established when you log in or provide information and be modified when you log out.
   4. Understand the browsing situation of web pages by doing a headcount of the viewers and analyze browsing patterns and thus make it a reference for improving the service ofthe NYMU Website」.
4. Share and Use of Information
On no account will our school sell, share, rent out or exchange your personal information to other groups or individuals unless your permission or request of legalities is claimed. Considering social order and public safety, the Website shall give the necessary cooperation by the official legal procedure of judicial units and the consideration for all the users of the Website should the School be requested to reveal certain personal information. Personal information you transmit or provide to our school is merely for the management of sales undertaker. Our school shall contact or e-mail you the information you requested. The Website repeats that on no account shall your personal information be sold, rented out, shared or exchanged to other groups or individuals.
5. About Self-Protection Measurements
Please appropriately keep your password and personal information to yourself. Do not provide any of your personal information, especially password, to anyone. Ensure you take the logout action when finishing receiving e-mail or related services after logging onto the school affair administration system. In order to prevent your mail or personal information from being viewed by others, if you are using a computer with others or you are using a public computer, please ensure the browser window is closed before leaving.
 6. How to protect your privacy
We use a variety of security technologies and procedures to protect your privacy, for example, the data bank for storing your personal information is saved in a safe control area, and the access is restricted. In addition, we use encryption to protect your confidential personal information transmitted through the network.
7. The policy is approved by Principal after the discussion by the University Information Security Organization and is implemented effectively. Should the regulation need revision, the same procedure will apply.
This Privacy Policy was proposed by the information security task force of the university, and has been approved by the Principal. The terms in this Policy may be amended via the same administrative procedure.