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Partner Institutions
Partner Institutions

Partner Institutions


Facing the overwhelming globalization, our university has made agreements with the following universities around the world:

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1. UK Imperial College
2. USA University of California, San Diego
3. Korea Yonsei University
4. USA Massachusetts General Hospital
5. USA The University of M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
6. Germany University of Heidelberg
7. UK University of Sheffield
8. Japan Tokey Institute of Technology
9. USA The University of Maryland at College Park
10. Japan Nagasaki University
11. Japan RIKEN Genomic Sciences Center
12. USA The Ohio State University
13. Finland University of Jyvaskyla
14. Hong Kong The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
15. USA Oregon State University
16. USA The University of Arizona
17. USA The University of Guam
18. USA The Center for Biophotonics Science and Technology
19. USA Eastern Michigan University
20. Mongolia Health Sciences University of Mongolia
21. Finland Jyvaskyla Polytechnic
22. USA Rush University
23. China Xi' An Jiao Tong University
24. China Peking University
25. China Capital Medical University
26. China ShanDong University
27. France The University of Rennes1
28. Italy University Degli Studi Di Perugia
29. Papua New Guinea University of Papua New Guinea
30. China Shenyang China Medical University
31. China The Central University for Nationalities