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President Office

President Office | Vice President, Deh-Ming Chang | Vice President, Muh-Hwa Yang | Vice President, Jaw-Jou Kang | Vice President, William A. Stanton | Vice President Office


Secretariat Office

Secretariat Office |


Office of Academic Affairs

Office of Academic Affairs | Registration Section | Curriculum Section
Academic Information Section | Internship Section | Admission Section
Faculty Development Center


Office of Student Affairs

Office of Student Affairs | Living Guidance & Overseas Students Section
Extracurricular Activities Section | Health and Medical Care Section
Career Development Section


Office of General Affairs

Office of General Affairs | General Service Section | Construction and Maintenance Section | Property Management Section | Payroll Section | Documentation Section


Office of Research and Development

Office of Research and Development
Instrumentation Researce Center | Innovation Invubator

Office of International Affairs Office of International Affairs
Personnel Office Personnel Office

Accounting Office Accounting Office

Military Training Office Military Training Office
Physical Education Office Physical Education Office
Library Library

Information and Communication Center

Information and Communication Center

Counselling Center Counselling Center
Laboratory Animal Center Laboratory Animal Center

Center of Environmental Protection and Safety and Health

Center of Environmental Protection and Safety and Health


Alumni Center

Alumni Center