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NYMU Sign a Dual Degree Program Contract with Heidelberg University


Beginning as early as next year, graduate and doctorate students from National Yang Ming University can obtain a dual degree from our school and Heidelberg University…

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Associate Professor Tsai’s Team Discover a Critical Cause of Brain Developmental Disorders


The team of Associate Professor Tsai from Institute of Brain Science has discovered a new genetic selection procedure that uses a transposon-based system to target genes involved in brain development.…

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Solving a Puzzling Noble Prize Winner's Problem – Professor Yang’s Formula Puts Himself on the Map


Institute of Brain Science Associate Professor Yang, used a mathematical equation to solve the puzzling question that was unanswered by Nobel Prize winner Clive Granger...

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NYMU Obtains Outstanding Results in the Areas of Industrial and Educational Development Research at the 2018 BioTaiwan Exhibition


BioTaiwan is the biggest biotechnology exhibition in the Asian Pacific area; nevertheless, this year there has been a breakthrough in scale...

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ICF’s “ATLife Assistive Technology for Live” Exhibition Is the Largest Scale Expo Ever


The “ATLife Assistive Technology for Live” was hosted by “the NYMU Research Center on ICF , Disability and Health and Assistive Technology”, and is the largest assistive technology expo in Taiwan...

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