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NYMU Establishes the “One Health Research Center” to Develop Taiwan’s Strategies for Epidemic Prevention


To help Taiwan develop a better human-animal-environment “One Health” epidemic prevention strategy...

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President Kou Encouraged the New Freshmen to Begin the Year with an Independent, Intelligent, and International Outlook


National Yang-Ming University held its freshman orientation on September 5th. During the orientation, President Kou gave a speech…

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A Warm Welcome for the 2019 Freshmen Entering National Yang-Ming University


National Yang-Ming University welcomed 44 international freshmen this year, the largest number ever…

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The First “2 in 1” Small Animal Imaging Device in Asia is Operated by the TVGH - NYMU Team with the Aim of Accelerating New Drug Development


This year, NYMU purchased a 7T micro PET/MRI, a device costing over 100 million NT$...

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Cooperation between Taiwan and France has Cracked the Mechanism behind Cerebellar Malignant Tumors


The reason why brain tumors develop in children has always been the painful problem that must be faced by both the children and their parents...

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