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Dr. Yang’s Team and Academia Sinica have Discovered the Key to the Metastatic Mechanism of Head and Neck Cancers


Dr. Muh-Hwa Yang has been teamed up with Academia Sinica's Dr. Ying-Chih Chang for more than four years in order to carry out research...

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Even Gods Know How to Prescribe Medicine? the NYMU Art Space Exhibits Precious Historical Yaoqian Materials


In order to help faculty members and students understand early Taiwanese medical culture, NYMU have hold “Taiwanese Yaoqian Cultural Exhibition”…

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The Inaugural Serial Liaison Event of Bio-Navigator: Learning from Dr. Wen of Mycenax Biotech Inc.


The NYMU Business Center of Industry–Academia and GLORIA project recently collaborated to co-host a series of corporate keynote speeches…

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Preventing Dementia is Not a Dream! NYMU has Partnered with the Video Game Industry to Invest In "Games for Anti-aging Research”


Taiwan has become an aging society and this has resulted in many emerging challenges. One result is that controlling the aging process...

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NYMU School of Nursing has been Ranked Among the Top 100 in the 2019 QS World University Ranking by Subject


According to the 2019 QS World University Ranking by Subject, NYMU School of Nursing has again made it into top 51-100...

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