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The NYMU International Center for Students and Scholars, School of Medicine is Now Officially Open


In recent years, NYMU has been committed to internationalization and the first “International Center for International Students and Scholars“ has been established…

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Three Teachers from NYMU have received the MOST “2019 Future Technology Breakthrough Award”


The Ministry of Science and Technology recently announced the winners of the “2019 Future Tech Breakthrough Award”…

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NYMU and NCTU have Together Held the “2019 Cross-Strait Advanced Interdisciplinary Biomedical Conference”


NYMU and NCTU have held the “2019 Cross-Strait Advanced Interdisciplinary Biomedical Conference” together for the first time...

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NYMU Uses AI to Develop Technology that Estimates the Age of a Brain


How to know the true age of a brain and the health status of this organ has always been a difficult challenge for the medical community...

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Research by the NYMU School of Nursing: Smart Lighting Can Improve Sleep Quality


The NYMU School of Nursing and Nan Ya Photonics Inc. have established a Smart Lighting Laboratory that will explore the potential of applying different light spectra and various levels...

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