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Associate Professor Tsai’s Team Discover a Critical Cause of Brain Developmental Disorders


The team of Associate Professor Tsai has discovered a new genetic selection procedure that uses a transposon-based system to target genes involved in brain development.…

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Solving a Puzzling Noble Prize Winner's Problem – Professor Yang’s Formula Puts Himself on the Map


Institute of Brain Science Associate Professor Yang, used a mathematical equation to solve the puzzling question that was unanswered by Nobel Prize winner Clive Granger...

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ICF’s “ATLife Assistive Technology for Live” Exhibition Is the Largest Scale Expo Ever


The “ATLife Assistive Technology for Live” was hosted by “the NYMU Research Center on ICF , Disability and Health and Assistive Technology”, and is the largest assistive technology expo in Taiwan...

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TVGH-NYMU Reaches out to Vietnam: A Prestigious University Visiting Exchange Program between Vietnam and Taiwan


The TVGH-NYMU team is taking part in the MOHW “One Country One Center” program and this has involved the strengthening of medical exchanges with Vietnam...

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The Flagship Program of Precision Medicine for the Asia Pacific Region Begins Collaboration between TVGH-NYMU and Harvard


The Flagship Program of Precision Medicine for Asia Pacific Region is an international cooperation program that is promoted by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Ministry of Science and Technology…

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