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Having identified the most effective inhibitor of the side-effects of CAR-T type drugs, Professor Huang and his team were awarded the “National Emblem Award”


Doctoral student Tsai and Vietnamese intern Doan Hien who were led by Professor Huang...

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The Chen Team Discovered an “Innate Immune Checkpoint”


The discovery of an “acquired immune checkpoint” has inspired research into cancer immunotherapy and the result was the awarding of the Nobel Prize to the researchers involved…

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Professor Chen Develops a “Mobile Medicine Image Recognition System” to Help Solve the Problem of Patients Taking the Wrong Drugs


Taiwan’s has become a senior society where the elderly take an average of 7.3 pills every day. However, as every pill looks quite similar...

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The Global Research & Industry Alliance and NYMU/FEMH Conduct a “Call for Proposals” Orientation to Assist with the Commercialization of Clinical Research and Development Outcomes


Being confident about in depth capabilities of medical institutions regarding clinical research and development…

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Recognition by International Journals: Professor Chung Directs Doctoral Students Who have Developed an AI Disease Diagnosis System


Professor Chung from the Institute of Biomedical Informatics and his students have developed a “Pelvic cavity X ray femoral neck fracture detection model”...

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